Thursday, June 30, 2011

Facebook Applicaion : Google Pagerank Tool

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Truth Revealed – Addiction to Internet can cause depression in teens

A recent study unveiled that all those teenagers who have been addicted to the WWW are greater than twice expected to get into depression as the ones who surf internet in much controlled manner. This study was printed in Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine. Exactly 1,041 teenagers from Guangzhou a place in southeastern China filled and submitted a questionnaire in order to spot whether they utilized internet in a systemic way and they were then assessed for depression and anxiety.

The huge majority of teens, over 940, utilized the WWW normally, though 62 i.e. 6.2% were categorized as being reasonably pathological users of internet and 2 i.e. 0.2% were highly pathological internet users.
After nine months, the psychological states of the teens were re-examined and the examiners found that pupils who utilized Internet unreasonably and uncontrollably were around 2-1/2 times as much as normal internet users to go into depression.

Even at the time when the depression and anxiety of the teenager’s studies was developed into an equation, the internet- addicted teenagers were still 1-1/2 times likely to develop stress and depression during the 9th month of follow-up as compared to the teens that used the web in a proper controlled manner.
The results revealed that youth and teens who have been initially free of any kind of mental ailment but utilize the web pathologically can develop depression. Excessive internet use is recognized as “problematic behavior “along with symptoms and signs akin to those of any other form of addictions, based on the background info in the given study.

Other researches have un-wrapped that most often teenage boys like an addictive utilize the web, however authors even caution regarding the number of teenage girls who exhibit addictive behavior for internet is on the high rise.

In this study, entertainment has been unveiled to be the commonest use of WWW among the teenagers, whose average age is 15 years.

Researchers recommend screening teenagers at the time of high schools in order to identify the young people who are prone to risk for becoming Web addicts and probably get depressed due to their pathological (intoxicated) behavior.(

Thursday, June 2, 2011

iPhone 4: To Buy or Not to Buy?

When the iPhone was first launched in 2007, it easily outsmarted all its rivals. But now the list of its critics is growing as many feel that its price is extortionate and it suffers from many technological limitations. Here are Top 5 reasons to buy (and not buy) the iPhone.

The much-hyped and the much-awaited iPhone 4 is here with a hell lot of features and also with a lot of criticism.

While the gadgets freaks can't resist its charm, the list of its critics is also growing.
When the iPhone was first launched in 2007, it easily outsmarted all its rivals. But now, as The Telegraph says, “The handset is a triumph of marketing over functionality”. Tell this to a die-hard iPhone fan and chances are that he can get pretty nasty with you. It is often said that you can negotiate with a terrorist but not with an Apple product user.

So is the newest iPhone overrated or is it still way ahead of its counterparts from Samsung, HTC, Nokia and BlackBerry?
Here are top 5 reasons to buy and to not to buy the iPhone 4. Decide yourself what outweighs the other.

Reasons to Buy the iPhone 4

It's beautiful and cool. It's bold, sleek and classy; an absolute pleasure to hold in the hand. There are no two ways about it.
The revolutionary features like FaceTime, Retina Eye, HD recording and editing, etc. are absolute killers.

23000+ apps for the phone are available in the App Store and thousands are being added each day. Whatever's there in your mind, chances are that you will be able to find an app related to that.
This baby is powerful. With the new A4 processor and double the RAM of iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 is lot faster. It is often said that iPhone 4 is as powerful as the supercomputers of the 80s.

Thanks the new Retina Display technology which gives four times more pixels than iPhone 4's ancestor, you a get a crystal clear screen that can perfectly render the sharpest details.

Reasons to not Buy the iPhone 4

The phone is way too expensive. Extortionate is the word used by its critics. Buy the best-in-its-range BlackBerry or Android handset and chances are that you'll end up paying a lot less.

The iPhone 4's battery doesn't last for very long. Yes, the battery life of iPhone 4 has been reviewed to be terrible by users. Many HTC phones are brilliant when it comes to battery performance.
Other competitors of iPhone have been able to install 8 and even 12 mega pixel cameras in their devices but iPhone 4 has just 5 MP to offer!
Owners of the iPhone 3GS won't miss much. Your iPhone will be able to fully enjoy version 4.0 of the iOS, the biggest benefit of which is multitasking, though you'll miss out on FaceTime.

Apple's hot new iPhone video calling feature, Face Time, comes with limited applicability. The other person has to have a Wi-Fi connection and must be a user of the same application. This limits the applicability of it against global service providers like Skype. (