Friday, July 15, 2011

What is fevicon and How to Upload fevicon In Blogger ?

Fevicon "favorites icon" is the tiny web icon or a website icon .Net Browsers that offer favicon hold up typically display a page's favicon in the Web browser's address bar and next to the page's name in a list of bookmarks .The size of a ideal fevicon is 16*16 pixels. .

Now blogger provides you a gadget that allows you to put your fav icon with your blog. Below in image i am marking the Fevicon of blogger. This is the snapshot of blogger design  view . With the help of this gadget you can upload your favorite icon in your blogger blog .

Here are the few steps...

1 : Login in your blogger account.
   Now you are in your dashboard.

2 : Click on the design option of your blog in which you want to add fevicon . 
When the design option of your blog will open that will look like the below one.   

Now the only thing you need is the icon of size 16*16 . You can make your fevicon with the help of online fevicon maker sites like .After uploading your favourite icon that fevicon option will look like this :

That's it.
You can see your blog with the latest fevicon after deleting all the cookies of your browser.

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