Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recent Major Updates of Facebook and Google Plus

We all know that the Major Social media sites on web [ facebook , twitter , Google Plus] are updating their looks and features .  Almost Everyday I am visiting a new update on web . So here on Latest Updates on Web i am just going to show you what changes i have noticed on web in last some days.

Most Recent Updates of Facebook

1: Now You can see much Bigger Photos in facebook .

2 : Just Like Google Plus Now you can Select Your Location .

3 :  With the help of Facebook Subscribe You Can Subscribe Interesting  Facbeook Profiles without adding them in your profile.

 4 : Now Facebook fan pages owner can directly check the activities of  theirs friends on the fan page with the help of Friend Activity.

5 : With the help of Recent Facebook update name Top stories you can check top stories since last visit are at top.each Top Story is marked with Blue Corner.

Major Update Of  Google Plus

From Now Onwards you don't need any invitation for starting a Google Plus account . You can start your Google Plus Account Directly from The Google Home page .

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  1. Whit this major update, facebook messenger app also gets a big update. It comes now with a mapping feature that lets you find your friends when you're out and about.